Sunday, June 3, 2012

Almost finished

Hi!!! As you may noticed the design has already changed, I think it looks better now so if there is something that needs to be modified it won't be something important. 
The most difficult part I'm working on it's the menu. I still have to fight a little with html codes to make everything work as I really want, so please, be patient.

On the other hand, I wanted to tell you I already have my site on Facebook, so please visit it, I feel like nobody likes me (T_T). I'll be posting there about cosplay and also about matters on my daily life, I hope I won't bore you. You can visit the site here. I hope you like it and you share with me your likes and opinions.

And the last thing I need to point here... Next tuesday it's my birthday. That doesn't mean you have to send me a present or something like that, just don't stop liking me for being old m( _ _ )m I think I will never grow up, I'll always be like a kid so next tuesday nothing will change. I will try to spend the day with the people I love and maybe I will share with you some pictures of my presents (in case I have received any).

This is all for today, please keep visiting!!! I'm putting all my effort doing this and you are who make this worthwhile.

Lots of love,


P.S. Forgot to say, I'm playing Atelier Totori and I really recomend all of you this game!!! All the Atelier series are awesome, I wish I had Atelier Meruru for my birthday... But for the moment I enjoy with  Atelier Totori. Don't you think she's extremely cute?


  1. I create my own blog not long ago.I want to make my blog popular and beautiful just like yours .

  2. WOW, you'll be an amazing Atelier Totori, isn't she the cutest thing ever? :3 Good luck!